Dec 4, 2019
1.Please firstly make sure you have selected qualified supplier. Make sure they are professional and making high quality screen continuously. Then use the screen with proper mesh size suggested by drilling mud engineer
2.Before operating screens, please check the screen panels surface, the rubber strip, and so on. Please inspect the shaker condition, such as shaker bed, screen installation set, the spring and so on.
3.During operation, we may check screen and shaker by chance to make sure everything is going well. If any failure occurred please check the possibility of using existing panel. And do the necessary repair on the broken holes
4.If the mud stuck on panels, please adjust the deck angle or change the screen mesh size. If the drilling fluids flow away, please check deck angle and screen size, too. If the screens seem easy to broken, please do some test on mud to check fluids or particles property.
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